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Legacy Phone Solutions

Current Phone Solutions

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Powerful communications for a small business budget--SL1100 offers a wide-range of intuitive features that can be tailored to an your companies needs. This customization enables your employees to be more efficient and productive, no matter their location. Simple to use, the SL1100 is a pick-up-and-go system without the need for training. With IP technology employees can work from home, and with the mobility options you will never miss a call again. With cutting edge modern features, the SL1100 has what your company will want in the future, and will help ensure you stay connected on your way there. Call today.



Univerge Blue
NEC has recently introduced a hosted PBX solution aimed at companies that want to avoid the capital expenditure that purchasing a phone system usually represents and would rather have a monthly service subscription that can be put into their operational budget. NEC's Univerge Blue operates out of military grade data centers with built in redundancy to ensure your business never loses service. Univerge Blue can be used where ever you have an internet connection, as it utilizes the latest NEC IP phone hardware. With Univerge Blue, you can take your phone with you on the road, plug it in to the internet, and continue working as though you are still in the office: transfer calls, check voicemail, and even intercom with everyone still at the office with no vpn or further setup required, very plug-and-play. If you would like more information regarding Univerge Blue, please phone today and speak to one of our sales persons to see if NEC's Univerge Blue is right for you!

The SL2100 communications solution, increases your teams performance, and creates a positive customer experience. It is a cost effective, easy to use system with VoIP capabilities, and optional Unified Communications.  The SL2100 replaces the highly successful SL1100, and even allows for SL1100 sets to migrate to your new system.  Future proof your system by having a true hybrid that can provide effective TDM technology, and the emerging VoIP technology. Considerable savings over hosted alternatives, and less hardware and less licensing make this an ideal SMB system targeted to the under fifty station market.

Office phone systems

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The newest inovation from NEC. Santel is proud to introduce the SV9100 to our impressive line of telephone products. As the newest evolution in NEC's product line, the SV9100 is an extremely capable phone system. Whether you require immense call directory automation or have a mix of in office and remote workers, the SV9100 is an ideal solution for business. At the beginning of its life cycle, the SV9100 has many more treats coming down the pipeline: from desksets with smartphone capability to wireless voip sets, these are just a sample of the many benefits to investing in the future of telephony with the SV9100 and Santel Communications.


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The I-Series/Optima offers a reliable, easy to use, feature-rich, and proven system for small and medium-sized businesses. The series includes the 28i, 124i, 384i, and the 704i systems.

This system provides features such as External Call Transfer, 22 Programmable Buttons, Four Modes of Operation, Group Listen, Directory Dialing, PC Programming, optional NVM series voicemail integration, and optional ACD (Automatic Call Distribution).


The original Nortel small business systems inlude the small 308, Compact 616, and Modular 824 systems. Standard sets for these systems are the M7100, M7208, M7310, and M7324. The voicemail systems are the Nortel Startalk and Flash systems.


The ICS is the smaller of the Nortel systems with a capacity of 8 lines and 24 stations. The ICS uses the new T series sets as well as the more common M series sets like the M7208 and M7324. Optional voicemail systems include the Flash VM and Call Pilot series.

The MICS is the larger system and starts with a 0x32 configuration. The main cabinet can be configured for up to 8 lines and 32 stations with the fibre expansion cabinets for both lines (12x0) and stations (ox16). The voicemail systems for the MICS include the NAM series and Call Pilot.



A digital telephone system with full VoIP capability. The system comes in three sizes which are the Aspire S, Aspire M, and Aspire L. The systems allows you to use standard TDM technology, convert to the latest VoIP technology, or use a combination of both. IP applications allow you to have one network rather than two, bypass long distance charges, and use IP sets at remote locations to provide seamless communications across the city or across the country.

Aspire Intramail and Aspire Mail offer a built-in automated voicemail system with ease of operation, flexibilty, and reliability.

Aspire offers a wide range of standard telephone sets including 2-Button Courtesy Set, 22-Button HF Standard Set, 22-Button LCD HF Set, 34-Button LCD HF Set, 34-Button Super Display Set, Cordless II Set, and Aspire Cordless II Lite Set. 


NEC is proud to introduce the SV8100 part of the Univerge 360 family. SV8100 offers the best of trationaltional TDM technology and the latest IP technology for small and medium-sized businesses. This Open Architecture-based system allows you to improve efficiency, protect your telecom investment, and look to the future. Changes in technology allow for convergence of all media including voicemail, email, IM, SMS, IP, and video conferencing. The technoloiogical advances of the SV8100 put the customer first and offer reliable, flexible and easy to implement solution to any communications challenge. The scalable server based chassis provides embedded applications which can be activated through simple license key codes and expanded with modular chassis and terminals. Both TDM and IP terminals come in a wide range of sizes and configurations for all your specific needs.