June 21, 2018

NEC NeoFace is changing how technology can provide better security, improve customer service, provide VIP customers with recognition and streamline the workforce.  Its' award winning technology where NEC is truly the industry leader, and is coming to Canada soon.  Successfully implemented in several countries in the world already, NeoFace has been successful in airports, malls, hospitality, convention centres, education, laboratories, warehouses and retail.  Talk to your Santel rep about what NEC NeoFace can do for your organization. 

       WHAT'S NEW

​June 02, 2014 - Summer Savings Rebate Program 2014

NEC is pleased to offer rebates for systems purchased between June 2, 2014 and June 20, 2014. More..

May 02, 2014

Source: Shaw Business

Important Notification - International Long Distance Blocking

The business impacts of Toll Fraud & International Long Distance Blocking

What is the theft of long-distance services by an unknown third party. It occurs when there is a security breach to your phone system or equipment, resulting in unauthorized long-distance calls which can result in severe charges on account. More..