Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to replace the cabling when I buy a new telephone system?

Many vendors provide an “IP only” solution which you can use the existing data cable, and share the bandwidth that can result in slower network speeds and possible poor voice quality, or take advantage of NEC and our hybrid approach where we can use the existing cables for the digital terminals in the office and implement VoIP technology outside the office where needed.

  • How do I transfer calls?

Most NEC systems will work the same way, once you have established a call with an outside party, press Transfer Button, Dial the Desired Local and Hang Up.

  • Why are there three greetings for my mailbox?

NEC wants to make life easy for you. Usually the first greeting is your standard greeting your callers get when you are busy or away from the desk. The second is mostly used for the greeting when you have left for the day, to let callers know they will not expect a call until the next business day. The third is most commonly used when you are unavailable, most of the day in a meeting, away in a conference or on a vacation. This allows you to toggle back and forth between a couple greetings you use frequently and one special one (usually greeting three) without having to re-record greetings all the time.

  •  Can I check messages from outside the office?

Certainly you can. When you get the automated attendant (either through a back door number for transferred to your Master Voicemail Local) you can Dial #, enter your local number and password. At that time you can do anything within your voicemail that you would be able to do at your desk.

  •  Why do I need a security code for my voicemail box?

Although you may not feel your messages are so important to another individual, hackers often use an unsecured voicemail box to get access into your telephone system. This is used for toll fraud and often your company can be on the hook for a long distance bill or several hundred or thousands of dollars in one single weekend.

  •  Can I plug any old telephone into my NEC system?

Not just any old phone, but not just any new phone either, all manufactures have proprietary technology that means that another terminal can cause the CPU confusion and shut down your system or even cause damage to your hardware. There are exceptions for analog station ports so best to speak to your Santel representative before doing this.